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Become a Core Member

When L’Arche welcomes a new Core Member to live in the community, we anticipate that he or she will live in L’Arche for an extended period of time.  L’Arche becomes the Core Member’s family (in addition to his/her biological family) and an environment where the Core Member’s life grows in a deep and fruitful way. For these reasons we move through the selection process carefully. The process of discerning who will be future residents involves multiple interactions and requires a dedication of time and resources.  A number of factors go in to the decision, including whether the prospective core person is interested in living in an intentional community. 

Referrals for residential services come from friends and family of the community as well as the Regional Center of Orange County (RCOC) and the Department of Developmental Services (DDS). Services are funded through the Regional Center as well as private payers and charitable donations. Here’s a short summary on how that happens:

  1. Build a relationship with L’Arche Wavecrest by joining our Prayer Nights, Community Gatherings, and other events. You can begin now! Call us or sign up for us to contact you. See our calendar of events to start your involvement with us today! 
  2. Throughout the waitlist period, the individual may seek residential, vocational, case management or a variety of other services potentially through the RCOC.
  3. Begin now to do an intake through the Regional Center and DDS to determine the level of home for your family member with a disability.
  4. By now, when an opening arrives, we should be good friends as they will have been actively involved in the L’Arche Wavecrest community.

We aim to serve more people in southern California, and expand our community of people with and without intellectual disabilities sharing life together. Want to help in the meantime? Donate or spearhead a fundraising effort to help us open a second home!