Get Involved


“My relationship with the L'Arche Community feeds my soul. I leave my perception of what I should be at the door, and become more fully who I am when I walk inside. In my experiences with L’Arche Wavecrest, I have learned that perfection is overrated! It's all about being human and living in the moment.”

- Susan, Volunteer Coordinator

At L'Arche Wavecrest, we're all about relationships. When you volunteer with L'Arche Wavecrest, we welcome you as our friend! Here are some ways our volunteers love to be involved. Have another idea? Let us know!

  • Assist in meal prep, cook meals, and have dinner with Core Members & Assistants

  • Clean and organize the home, or assist in outdoor yard maintenance projects

  • Buddy with a Core Member – go on walks, ride bikes, attend an event together, share a skill (art, music, etc.), read or play games together at the home.

  • Volunteer on our administrative side to help plan fundraising events, write grants, manage communications, outreach, and community relations, or maintain our website and technical side.

Are you looking for volunteers?  Our Core Members love to engage with our local community.  Let us know opportunities for our Core Members and Assistants to volunteer and give back to the local community!