Meet Us

Core Members + Assistants

Assistants are individuals without intellectual disabilities who share daily life with core members. Assistants typically provide professional services and loving caregiving while creating a place of belonging for those within the community.

Core Members are individuals with disabilities who form the heart of a community. The word “core” is derived from the word “heart” in both French (couer) and Latin (cor). This is a term of respect that indicates the person’s place of honor within the community.

Our L'Arche Wavecrest Assistants

  • Lauren
  • Jordan
  • Mallory
  • Jacob
  • Michael
  • Lexi
  • Amanda

Our Awesome Core Members

Some of Our Stories

Name: Terry

Role: Former Core Member

Duration: 8+ years

“Terry has taught me the beauty of listening well, a great hug, and always speaking the truth in love.”  – Megan F.

“It is a real gift to be around someone for whom relating to Jesus is as beautiful and natural as any other relationship in their life, and encourages me in my own connection to Jesus.” – Bethany M.

“The Core Members, Jeni (Former Executive Director) and I were Christmas shopping last December, and Jeni dropped something. Terry, leading a major tease, let out..."JULIE!!!!" We all echoed loudly Terry's pet name for Jeni, and laughing. Such a simple little interaction that has stayed with me because of the laughter and friendship.” – Joan W.

Name: Travis 

Role: Former House Leader

Duration: 0-5 years

“At L’Arche Wavecrest, I have learned how important it is to value the gifts of others, while also extending unconditional grace to their areas of difficulty. The Core Members never cease to give me help or encourage me in the areas where I am the weakest. I have learned to be more accepting of myself, because of the acceptance that this community has shown me.”

Name: Faryn 

Role: Former Assistant

Duration: 0-2 years

“L'Arche's values line up with my personal values that people can succeed no matter what their physical or mental ability may be. I strive to embrace and maintain a person’s sense of individuality, all while encouraging them in the best way possible to learn and grow. I find this reflected in L’Arche Wavecrest. Through my experience with L’Arche Wavecrest, I’ve learned how to be content with being human, and how much vulnerability can transform relationships for the better. It’s simple, but has impacted me in truly profound ways.”