Meet Us


As Volunteers serve alongside us, L’Arche Wavecrest truly becomes a community.  We infuse the local area with the mission and spirituality of L’Arche we strive to build meaningful, mutual relationships with our volunteers

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Susan

Name: Megan 

Role: Volunteer

Duration: 0-2 years

“Prior to my time at L'Arche, I viewed people with disabilities as needing help or support from me. When I became a part of the L’Arche community, I realized that I was the one who needed the Core Members. They just loved me for being me – we are there for each other in the difficult moments, and we celebrate with each other in the joyful ones.”

Name: Nathanael 

Role: Volunteer

Duration: 0-2 years

“Oftentimes the barriers that keep us from forming meaningful relationships aren't really as hard to overcome as they seem.  Growing up with a brother with profound intellectual disabilities inspired me to work with L'Arche to work towards a more welcoming and loving community for persons with and without disabilities.”

Name: Linda

Role: Volunteer

Duration: 3-5 years

“After learning about L’Arche, my husband, daughter, and I began joining the Core Members for dinner once a month. After dinner, my daughter, who has Down syndrome, would play piano as we all cleaned up together. This often turned into sing-alongs, where our Wavecrest friends and my family would sing together. The people at Wavecrest are welcoming, creative, appreciative and giving. I love the support for personal values and faith of all the members in this spiritual community.”