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What is a L’Arche Assistant?
At L'Arche, persons with an intellectual disability are known as "Core Members," and “Assistants” are those who come to share life with them. Assistants accompany Core Members in their activities of daily life: creating home and supporting core members in sharing their gifts within the house and the larger community. 

What do L'Arche Assistants do?
Assistants work to build a relationship of mutual care and support with persons who have a intellectual disability; foster a home life of unity, mutual respect and participation by all members; provide direct care supports and skill building for core members: personal care needs, money management, medical care, appointments, family and work connections, household chores, laundry, medications, meal preparation, and transportation.

Who becomes a L’Arche Assistant?
For us, some of the most important criteria are an open heart, willingness to learn, commitment to personal growth, and belief in the unique sacredness and value of every individual. Assistants can range in age from the early 20s to mid-40s and older. Assistants come to L’Arche from all stages of life: after college, as a shift from a previous career, or after their formal career.

What are the qualifications to become a L'Arche Assistant?

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Desire to live in a spiritually- based  community with people of diverse religious backgrounds and faith traditions
  • Desire to work with individuals with disabilities (experience with people with disabilities is not a requirement)
  • Creativity, flexibility, attention to detail, and ability to organize time
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • College education preferred

What commitment does L’Arche ask of Assistants?
We ask assistants to make an initial commitment of one year, with the availability and openness to serve for two years. Because of the nature of L’Arche, building and fostering intentional relationship and community, a year or two offers community members time to settle into life together. There are also assistants that build a long-term home at L’Arche. The decision to continue living L’Arche is a thoughtful process for each assistant made with support from their peers.

An experience of personal transformation...
The experience that you will live in L’Arche will change your outlook on life and on human relationships. L’Arche is a place to grow as a human being. Many of those who come to L’Arche discover that in their relationships with the people who have an intellectual disability they have come to know themselves better and to understand better the nature of human relationships.